Alleyway description by Jay and Thomas H

Among the crooks and crannys of the bins, rats run wild stealing rancid remains of unwanted food. Parallel to the graffiti-covered walls, lies chewed-up gum and finished cigarets, needed by no-one. Below the putrid drain, sits the  gloomy, noxious sewers; while up above the beams of light sink and the inky night rises. Shattered, glass bottles are spread sporadically over the narrow walkway. Weirdly there was an eerie silence except from the whistling wind, which sounded like a howling dog wanting it’s owner. Fog loomed over like a cloak However, this particular night, silence was no more: I was not alone; whoever it was, they were getting closer… Closer. He came into sight he was a tall, crooked man, he adjusted his hat, so he could stare at my eyes, I wouldn’t stare at them if my life depended on it; he growled, ” Don’t fear child, your safe with me.” A smirk grew across his face. I was about to make my decision and that was all I could remember.

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