Alleyway description by Jay and Thomas H

Among the crooks and crannys of the bins, rats run wild stealing rancid remains of unwanted food. Parallel to the graffiti-covered walls, lies chewed-up gum and finished cigarets, needed by no-one. Below the putrid drain, sits the  gloomy, noxious sewers; while up above the beams of light sink and the inky night rises. Shattered, glass bottles are spread sporadically over the narrow walkway. Weirdly there was an eerie silence except from the whistling wind, which sounded like a howling dog wanting it’s owner. Fog loomed over like a cloak However, this particular night, silence was no more: I was not alone; whoever it was, they were getting closer… Closer. He came into sight he was a tall, crooked man, he adjusted his hat, so he could stare at my eyes, I wouldn’t stare at them if my life depended on it; he growled, ” Don’t fear child, your safe with me.” A smirk grew across his face. I was about to make my decision and that was all I could remember.

The alleyway

The alleyway reeks of old food. There are always shattered beer bottles. All you can see at night is darkness because there are no street lights. Graffiti is always covering the walls like the skeleton wearing a blue hoodie and shorts. The air vents leeks out a putrid smell. When passing through there is always a eerie feeling. It is dead silent except the occasion of rattling bins and the barking of dogs. When you pass by mr peaceful’s house he shout’s at you at night he walks back and forth down the alley. Yesterday I saw him punching the walls then he saw me! Then someone grabbed me! When I woke up I was in the back of a van……..


  • Grafiti rules the walls as the bins putrid smell spreads throughout the alleyway. Something rustles  around in the inky-black bins while a maggot has a feast fit for a King on a half eaten black bird. As you stand there you can hear the wind howling in you’re ear like a dog missing its owner .All you can see is clouds hanging low causing a particularly creepy shadow of fog shadowing over you.You can hear hair-raising voices  muttering behind your back. Every step you take is filled with fear as if someone is watching you. In the alleyway there was no one but me untill now there was someone following me I knew it …I just knew it. There low murmed voice was getting louder… louder, like there foot steps. I just want to look into his eyes but l can’t , his face is covered by a black cloak I recognised from my childhood. He said “I know where you’re parents are come with me.” He handed me an envelope, I didn’t opened it. That’s all I know.



Among the putrid bins, rats scurry carrying alsorts of discusting germs. Shattered bear bottles , that are sporadically placed, sit waiting to be cleared up. Air vents let out a stench making people gag. It’s appalling; nobody will believe it. That particular night the clouds hung  low, casting a silhouette over the alleyway. No moon in sight. No movement except the occasional flicker of the dim lampposts. The wind howled, like a vicious dog eating  its owner. That night only. At first the footsteps were faint. Louder and louder. Then, I knew I was not alone. I peered back. A strange figure stared into my eyes. I didn’t dare look into his… “Don’t fear child, come with me” He said deeply. Looking down at her palm, she had a decision to make…

The creepy alleyway

As the aLLey way graffiti lights up the tunnel, the putrid smell burns your nose. As the outstanding graffiti covers the crowded walls you may see many reeking smells by the bins. Spray paint bottles rolling down the alleyway. As the banana peels drip out of the bin lid. Dead silence except for the Windows rattling. The wind howling like a wolf. Their Was a shadow of a human but it wasn’t actually there. The clouds drifting down to the ground like your in a graveyard. There was footsteps coming towards me. There was a shadow that looked like a real human. The footsteps came closer and closer. When it came close enough I could see the lady clearly. I looked into her grey eyes. In a low voice she said don’t be scared and stick with me then you’ll be safe. All you have to do is sign this contract.

The alleyway by Peter and Milly

Shattered glass is sporadically placed all over the floor. Beneath the crooks an crannies, infested rats are lurking everywhere. Squashed gum is scattered around the narrow alleyway- which might be abandoned. Broken pipes run through the alleyway; it’s full of bedraggled mess. Dead silence- except from the occasional flicker of a filament in a lamppost. Wind howls like a dog barking at it’s owner. However, now I noticed, I wasn’t alone. Creeping round the corner, was a man… a man who’s face was covered by the shadow of his top hat. He stared straight into my eyes. I didn’t dare look back. I gulped. ” Hello dear child. You’re the chosen one.” He adjusted his top hat. ” Come with me.” I need to make a decision… run away, or go with him.

Alleyway description

An abundance of graffiti ruins the stone walls as a maggot feasts on a dead blackbird. Parallel to the concrete wall, gum sticks to the floor. Rats rapidly run, leaking with deceases. In the nooks and crannies of the smashed glass, lying on the floor, sporadicly. As last years noodles get eaten by birds, People throw away there leftovers. All of a sudden, a lightbulb in a lamppost shattered. Then another, then another. A cloak of fogg loomed over. Silence. There was nothing but rats. This is the night of the evil spirits. I knew I was not alone. A silhouette of a man drifted into view. Closer, closer, closer. He looked me in the eye. I knew this was going to be bad. Very bad. “Don’t fear, child. No-one will get hurt… If your good! By the way, the names Mr.Y.” He took of his gloves and handed me an evolope. He ran off leaving me puzzled by what had just happened. And that is all I could remember

Alley of scare

Enclosing the alleyway, rubbish spills from side to side. The dim lighting cascades over the narrow ally. As the graffiti covers up the wall, moss smears up the walls and covers wall art. The eerie ally way,appears with smashed bottles. Darkness covers the alleyway ,except from a flicker of a lamppost. There’s particular window rattling  close by. Whispers approach as people are heared walking closer and closer. I hear doors banging , Windows smashing , bottles shattering. I see phones lighting I knew someone was near. There was a man laying there on the floor asleep. I hear foot steps behind, i take a glimpse. I look up and see a child awake staring. Drip by drip a gutter spills. Foot steps are near I look behind a tall man takes a glove of and hands over a piece of paper with a red string wrapped around. The paper said ‘It’s time’. A smile appears on his face.

The Alleyway

In the infected smelling alley, litter surrounds the floor. You can barely see where it ends ,because it’s really foggy. It feels like it goes on forever. At the most scariest times ,you would hear the occasional squeak of a sign. Walls covered in graffiti and black paint, bins over flowed with wasted food and rubbish. What a horrible sight to see. It’s silent ,dark ,eerie in fact. But just for a minute. I knew I heard someone. The foot steps were getting louder by every second. The sound amplified an echo in my ear. It sounds like a woman wearing heels. Then a voice came from behind me. She whispered “Hello child I’m Miss Everly, come with me.”

Alleyway description By Poppy Helena

Among the putrid rubbish bins, maggots feast on last years Thanksgiving turkey. The dank, abandoned alleyway is stained with horrorfying echoes and alarming messages on the stone walls. Scattered on the ground, shattered glass shards are sporadically found on the gum-covered floor. Germs surround the stench-filled area and bacteria spreads diseases. Opposite the rancid bins are ruined graffiti buildings. The cloak  of horrifying spirits travel through the  mouldy windows. That one night that had no moon was the night of evil spirits you could tell it was dead silence … in till now you could hear howling from a feisty   crying wolf  –  to message his other friends. The dull sky is stained with ebony black patches. I was alone but not anymore I could hear heavy footsteps coming my way but I couldn’t see anything , because an overcast of fog.  He grow closer and closer entail he was standing in front of me. He looked me in the eye I could tell that this was going to end bad.  So I looked him back in his white transparent eyes. Something was wrong. Something has happened. Something will happen. He gave me a letter  his glove nearly slipped off  but he saved it and ran away all it said was don’t, worry come to the alley tomorrow sighned Mr. A.